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Jon Trickett MP


Jon Tricket is the Labour MP for the Hemsworth constituency which includes Crofton. He has a constituancy office in Hemsworth and a web site which you can access here. This site contains full details of how he can be contacted.

John Tricket has been MP for Hemsworth since a by-election in 1996.

             General Election Result 6th May 2010
Trickett, Jon Lab 20,506 46.7%
Myatt, Ann Elizabeth Cons 10,662 24.3%
Belmore, Alan Lib Dem  5,667 12.9%
Womersley, Ian Ind  3,946   9.0%
Kitchen, Ian Ashley BNP  3,059   7.0%
Spoilt papers     108
Total 43,948
Turnout       60.6%

Summary 2005

Number of voters in the constituancy 67,380
% Turnout 54.6%

Party Breakdown

Labour 58.8%
Conservative 22.1%
Liberal Democrats 15.7%
Veritas 3.4%