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Please Read This Page Before Entering the Forums. It is a Condition of Use.

What is "Have Your Say"?

"Have Your Say" is an area of the Crofton web site where anyone can post a message to make a statement or participate in a discussion. The subject can be about anything, although generally it should be related to some aspect of life in Crofton.

There are several "Forums", or discussion areas, each related to a specific subject. For example, one is specifically for postings about events, another for general discussions. Each "Forum" has an introductory message, which explains it's main purpose. Within each forum, you can post individual messages, either on a new "topic" or in reply to an existing one.

How do I get access?

Anyone can read the messages in the Forums - just click "The Forums" in the menu panel on the left. Please be aware that they are not continually monitored. We trust our users to use them responsibly. The views and content are therefore not representative of those of the team, nor are we responsible for them.

To post a Forum message, you need to register and log in to the system. This is a very simple process which only requires you to give a user name (anything you wish), an e-mail address (this will not be visible to other users), and your own secret password. The system will send you a confirmation e-mail straight away, which you will need to read and click on a link to confirm your e-mail address. Once this is done, you will be able to log in and post your messages anytime you wish. Click "Login/Register" to start the process.

I have a problem!

If you have any issues or problems related to "Have Your Say", please send an email to

If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking the link at the bottom of the "Login/Register" page. The system will send an email to your registeered email address which will allow you to enter a new password.

Conditions of use

We are not imposing many restrictions. Just common sense and courtesy are required. But for the sake of clarity please read the following before you use the system.