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Members of the European Parliament

Crofton is in the "Yorkshire and the Humber" constituency of the European Parliament. The European Parliament is elected by proportional representation which results in six MEPs representing this area. The current representatives were elected on  22 May 2014  for a period of 5 years. 

There are a total of 69 UK MEP's in a European Parliament of 736 members representing 28 countries.

Unlike other elections in the UK, where votes are cast for individuals, in the European elections only candidates standing independent of the main political parties are listed on the ballot papers. In the main, votes are cast for political parties, the number of successful candidates being taken from a list submitted by the parties, in proportion to the number of votes cast.

The current Yorkshire and Humberside representatives are:-

Linda McAvan
Timothy Kirkhope

Richard Corbett
Jane Collins

Amjad Bashir

Mike Hookem



2014 2009 2004
Number of voters in the constituancy 3,870,749 3,792,415 3,719,717
% Turnout 33.5% 32.3% 42.9%

     Party Breakdown

Labour 29.3% 18.8% 26.3%
Conservative 19.2% 24.5% 24.6%
Liberal Democrats  6.2% 13.2% 15.6%
UKIP 31.1% 17.4% 14%
Green Party  7.9% 8.5% 5.7%
British National Party  1.6% 9.8% 8%
Others  - 4  4.7% 5.2%
Others - 6 8.0%


Contact details (and more details of election results) can be found on the web site of the UK Office of the European Parliament (click on the link below). More information about the European Union can be found on both of the following sites.