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This page is for non profit clubs, groups and societies. 


We hope that you will take full advantage of the web site to communicate to your members, potential members and the village just what you want to say. You know what that is, we don't. We are not going to restrict the amount you publish. As long as we have the resources, we'll do it. If what you ask is not possible, we'll tell you.

The minimum information we hope that you will publish is your organisation's name, a brief description and contact details.

The site can be changed as often as you want, so that it is always kept up-to-date.

You can incorporate photographs and logos on your pages. Provide us with a good copy and we will scan the document for you.

Getting your information live

You have three options here.

Each of the these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. The first is probably the option that most will take and requires no technical skills. The other two will give you better control of the design of the web site but you will need to have or be able to learn the necessary skills.

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