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This page lists the changes made to this web site only. Pages which are linked but not hosted by are not included.

Change DateSectionDescription
2014-02-01Latest ChangesPage now database driven.
2014-01-30 News Page Open Gardens.
2014-01-30 Village Diary Updated to new database engine.
2014-01-30 Village Diary New entries for Community Café.
2014-01-30 Village Diary New entry for Plant Sale.
2014-01-30 Village Diary New entry for Open Gardens.
2014-01-30 News Page Updated to new database engine.
2014-01-23 Community Café New section under Community.
2013-11-21 Parish council minutes
2013-06-20 Parish council minutes and accounts
2013-03-23 Parish council minutes
2013-02-20 MenusNew top level menu and conversion of embedded pages.
2013-02-11 MenusNew backend menu and page structure.
2013-01-28 Parish Council minutes
2013-01-13 Have Your Say Reinstalled and rebuilt.
2012-11-28 Parish Council minutes
2012-11-03GroupsHistory Group
2012-10-20 Parish Council & news minutes
2012-09-24 Parish Council minutes, new standing orders
2012-07-26 Parish Council minutes
2012-06-27 Parish Council minutes
2012-05-07News, Community & Parish Councilupdate & district election result, minutes
2012-03-23Parish Councilminutes
2012-02-03News & Groups menu, Parish Council updates, minutes
2011-12-04Parish Council minutes
2011-10-24Parish Councilminutes
2011-08-01Parish Council minutes & councillors
2011-05-09Community, Parish Council, District Council &Elections. Parish Council minutes
2010-08-20News & Parish Council Parish plan & minutes
2010-07-11Parish Council & Groups/Art Group Minutes & linked to external site