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Smoke Signal was the independent village magazine for the people of Crofton, West Yorkshire

To increase community awareness  

Open to contributions from all members of the community

Issued in the first week of each month (usually)

The final edition of Smoke Signal was issued in December February 2012, after 31 years of production. A new magazine starts in the new year

A brief history of the magazine is listed below

An earlier donation



Produced & Distributed by Volunteers

All surplus funds donated to charity

Donations made during the 18 months 2011/2012:

Wakefield Hospice, Samaritans, Children in Need (twice), St Georges Crypt in Leeds, Shelter, Sight Savers, Marie Curie Cancer Care, British Legion, Salvation Army, Diabetes UK, and Medecins sans Frontieres

Smoke Signal Team: 

Ann & Brian,  Cynthia & Gerry 


Smoke Signal was founded as a village magazine in 1981 by the then rector of All Saints Church and a group of church members . Contributions for articles were invited from the village community and the magazine was distributed by volunteers. For almost 20 years now the magazine has been independant of the church although some people still refer to it as t'church magazine.

Originally, articles sent for publishing were hand written and the magazine proofs were typed and then duplicated on an hand operated duplicator. The result was often difficult to produce and to read.  Today, many contributions are sent by e-mail or other computer media, the proofs are produced by computer and printing of 730+ magazines is much more mechanised. Collating and stapling is still a time consuming and somewhat laborious activity but the whole process repeats every month and has done, amazingly bearing in mind the inevitable family hitches, uninterrupted for the past 30 years - over 350 publications. In addition to the magazines sold through the villages 2 post offices & local stores,  30 or so volunteers distribute around 600 magazines each month.