Early in 2003 we showed the progress of what we hope will be the last opencast activity in the vicinity (see below). Now , late 2004 opencast working  has finished, the site restoration is in its latter stages. As indicated in the original report, this includes the provision of a footpath along the disused railway line which will link into the Anglers Country Park



It is over 4 years since the first planning application was made by RJB mining to extract coal and clay from the 'Moorhouse' site. After initial local planning rejection and a public enquiry, a revised and reduced plan was eventually given the go ahead for UK Coal.

For most of the community the extraction process has gone ahead almost unnoticed. Coal is taken from the site and transferred by rail from the local rail head and the clay is taken directly to Ibstock Brick's Nostell site. The workings are scheduled to continue until mid 2004 when the site will be 'made good'.

 The opencast site is on the left hand side of the road from New Crofton to Wintersett. The picture taken after crossing the second railway bridge is looking SE in the direction of the workings which are hidden behind the disused railway embankment





There is an unofficial footpath along the disused railway embankment. See the map below. On one side, to the west are open fields and on the opposite side are the sharply contrasting workings. The path travels all along the western edge of the site. Unfortunately there are two breaks in the path where bridges have been demolished. Great care is necessary at these breaks. It is understood that this path will be refurbished on completion of the workings




Caution: The open cast site appears to be well fenced. Nevertheless, great care should be taken as this is a hazardous area and the site must not be accessed


The workings are shaded in yellow

Footpaths are indicated by pink dots.
The footpath indicated in the text above is marked in red dots to the
left (west) of the workings

                                                                                                                                  'The History of Crofton' is still available 

Book Reviews - The History of Crofton

“The History of Crofton” is one of the most fascinating books I have read for a long time. I literally couldn’t put it down until I had read every word, admired every picture and studied every map. The chapters are each written by different people who have researched their chosen topics carefully. Since every chapter is an independent subject, you don’t have to start at the beginning and work your way through to the end; you can choose any subject that interests you and, having started, you will want to read the rest.

If you once thought that history was dull, this book will dispel any illusions. Someone said to me “Does Crofton have a history?” I shall be sending him a copy of the book and he will be amazed.

At only £5.50 this book is excellent value for money and is well worth treasuring to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

C. Butcher

“The History of Crofton” is a fascinating and informative read. I started by flicking through, looking at the maps and pictures then, coming from a mining family, I read the chapters on mining thoroughly. I was particularly interested in the piece about mining at Nostell where my father worked a long time ago.

A. Harris