An update from Crofton Community Centre

Almost three years ago a public meeting was held at Nostell Miners Welfare to investigate whether there was a need for a multi-use building and recreation ground for all types of groups in Crofton. The meeting was well attended with approximately 50 different groups represented and so it was decided to press ahead. "Crofton Community Centre" was formed and various new groups began to use the building.

Plans were drawn up to refurbish the whole site at an estimated cost of over £1 million. Progress has been slow for many reasons, however recently we have been put into Stage 2 of the "Sport England" process, a very positive step towards realising the sporting element of the project.

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation are helping the 'community' side of the project and the Centre has been selected as a "One-Stop-Shop", one of only eight such establishments in the whole of the former coal-mining communities throughout the country. A questionnaire will be delivered to each household in the village to establish what services/facilities the local community would wish to see provided.

The process to obtain the major funds takes a considerable amount of time and effort in preparing the applications. But there is some good news - since the various user groups have joined together under one roof, combined information and guidance has resulted in over £25,000 worth of grants being obtained by individual groups for their own projects. Another grant of £15,000 to set up a computer suite has also recently been confirmed.

However, there are continual problems in meeting the day to day operating costs of the building in its present state and the Management Committee, formed from the user groups) is always looking for ideas to sustain the Centre. (Don't be shy if you have a brain wave!)

There are still vacant rooms that groups from the village can use; the more users we have, the stronger we become. Membership (a legal requirement) has risen from about 200 to almost 1,000. Wouldn't it be an achievement if every single person registered an interest in the place by joining the membership list? Under 18s and over 65s are free, membership for 18s - 65s costs just £2.50 a year.

The questionnaire, which will be delivered in approximately a month's time, will give everyone the opportunity to comment on whether the Centre is something they, the villagers, want as well as the facilities they would like the place to offer.

Any volunteers willing to help distribute the questionnaire - just your own street - phone 864462.
Granville Marshall

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