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From your Health Centre

Christmas is almost upon us once again with the relentless commercial rush, leaving everyone exhausted by the time it arrives. Christmas is a time to enjoy but not a time to forget about looking after ourselves.

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I'm not intending talking about the "Don'ts" of Christmas - you've all heard those too many times before, so let's concentrate on the positive.

(1) Buy and eat fresh foods where possible, remember the advice to "take 5”.  Eat five items of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Christmas is a time of abundance in all areas so don't skimp on what you spend in the greengrocery department.

(2) Enjoy alcohol - there is evidence that moderate intake can be beneficial. In a recent study, those who were teetotal showed a higher rate of illness than those drinking 1 - 2 units daily. Drink selectively and remember to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Drink in amounts that allow you to enjoy the following day.

(3) Keep active - walk to friends and relatives where possible and leave the car at home. Plan a walk at least once over the holiday period - make a day of it with a picnic or a stop for a pub lunch. Get the kids outside to play once they've had a chance to take in all their presents.

(4) Those who are organising the event - usually Mum - allow time to relax and enjoy. Let someone else take some of the responsibility and try not to get too stressed. Try to heal family rifts in advance of Christmas so they don't fester and ruin all the hard work.

(5) Finally, make a New Year's resolution that will impact your health for the better. Learn to swim, take up a new hobby, be more adventurous with your diet, buy a bicycle and, of course, I can’t finish without mentioning just one “Don't”  ….. smoking.

Have A Good Christmas

But Make Sure You’re In Good Shape For The New Year.

The Health Centre is closed 25/26th December and 1st January.

Rev. John Taylor

After more than 6 years in Crofton, John Taylor is leaving. Find out more in the News section on the All Saints' Church pages.

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