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The former drama hall, attached to the youth centre in the process of being demolished.
The building was used as a drama hall in the 1950/60s and until a few years ago was used for various activities by groups within the village.   It is owned by the District Council and administered by the education department.  
Over the past 20 years or so the building has been allowed to fall into disrepair and probably some vandalism has added to its demise.
The building was constructed in the 18th century and used as a school. The story of its well known headmistress, Miss Mangnall has been recorded in the recent publication, * 'The History of Crofton'. Two of the Bronte sisters went to the school
Although not a listed building, the hall was one of the few historic buildings remaining in Crofton. Notably among the others are the church, Bedford Farm, the Lord of the Manor pub and the cottages near the chemist.  

From a 19th Century print

The hall as recently as  2000
At the Parish Council meeting in July 2003 it was reported that the District Council had approved proposals for a 400k youth centre. The old youth centre would be demolished and the drama hall would remain under the control of the High School.  In September, the Parish Council minuted that notification had been received from the District Council for the demolition of the youth centre.  Removal of the Drama Hall roof started in early October following removal of  asbestos  from the building. The presence of asbestos in a building can cause concern if the asbestos is in a dangerous condition. However, the building was locked and boarded up and this should have given time and opportunity for reasonable consultation in the village. 

In October 2004 Wakefield District Council approved plans to build a new Youth Centre on the site vacated by the demolition. Work commenced in January 2005

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