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What part does the Parish Council play in Local Government?

The Parish Council is the second tier of local government, after the District Council. It is at the "grass roots" and is in the best position to represent the views of the local community.

All meetings of the Council are advertised on the Parish Council notice boards in The High Street and Doncaster Road also in the Library, the Parish Centre, All Saints Parish Church and Shay Lane Pavilion and on this website. They are open to the public and the Council would like to encourage residents to come along - the elected Members are your representatives and your views are important to them.

What does the Parish Council do?

The Parish Council has a surprising number of powers which it can exercise if it so wishes. Below are some of the activities Crofton Parish Council currently carries out for the benefit of the village:

Who pays for the Parish Council?

The Parish Council raises the funds to undertake these services and facilities through what is known as the precept. This is charged to residents through the council tax. For the financial year 2011/12, the Council's precept is 49,942. A decision was made at the council meeting in January 2012 to retain the precept for 2012/13   

Some of the Council's accounts for past years can be found here.

The Council's Standing Orders are here. and the Financial Standing Orders here. 






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